Reboot your nervous sytem + bring the VASU studio experience home to you. ($125 value!)


This at home self-devotion kit includes:



  • I Am Here Botanical Body Oil (4oz) A soothing herbal oil to calm anxiety + get you out your head + into your body with passionflower, chamomile + lavender


  • Holy Smokes Ritual Pouch - Be ready for ritual + intention setting anytime with our new ceremony bag. Includes a mini abalone shell, palo santo + sage, mini sacred space spray.


  • Amethyst Sacred Soak - A relaxing epsom + dead sea salt soak with the Moonbeam Dream aromatherpay oils + lavender flowers


*For full details + ingredients on each organic product, please view the indivdual product in the store

VASU Reboot / Ritual Box