Bring the magic of vibrational healing into your space. Our crystal collection features our two mystical mists that work on the subtle bodies to cleanse the chakras + open into other dimesions with essential oils, flower waters, flower essences and crystals. 


Collection includes ($60 value!)


  • Moonbeam Dream Amethyst Intuition Mist (4oz) Journey into the underworld of dreams + meditation with this relaxing ritual. This formula allows us to remember our dreams and journeys, and return with wisdom to integrate into our waking reality. Infused with Amethyst to open the third eye + intution, and the magicl herbs of mugwort + lavender + frankincense. 


  •  Sacred Space Jade Protection Mist (4oz) This smokeless smudge raises the vibration of yourself and your space. Perfect for healers, or anyone who is highly sensitive to the energies around them. Using a blend with the 3 Holy oils that have been used in smudging rituals across many traditions. Infused with Jade crystals to alchemize energy.


*For full details + ingredients on each organic product, please view the indivdual product in the store

The Crystal Collection