This smokeless smudge raises the vibration of yourself and your space. Perfect for healers, or anyone who is highly sensitive to the energies around them. Using a blend with the 3 Holy oils that have been used in smudging rituals across many traditions. Infused with Jade crystals to alchemize energy.


Key Ingredients: 

  • Palo Santo A grounding ritual wood that removes worry + creates a feeling of being home
  • Sage The ceremonial herb of the ancestors that transmutes negatives energies + sends prayers to the heavens
  • Yarrow Flower Essence + Jade Crystals Protects your energy while allowing you to remain open to heal


Mantra: "My boundaries protect me. I am safe to be open"


Uses: Spritz around your body in between healing work with clients or engagemnet with others to cleanse your energetic body. Raise the vibration of your space when you clean by misting your room. Spritz your ritual space to set an intention and say your prayers


Ingredients: Distilled water, rose water* essential oil blend (palo santo* + white sage* + cedar wood* + pine* + lemon*) yarrow flower essence*, jade crystal garnish 

*=certified organic ingredients


Size: 4oz


This mist is found in our Seasonal Ritual Box + The Crystal Collection 

Sacred Space / Jade Protection Mist

  • 4floz