Journey into the mystical world of dreams + meditation with this relaxing ritual. This formula allows us to remember our dreams and journeys, and return with wisdom to integrate into our waking reality. Infused with Amethyst to open the third eye + intution.


Key Ingredients: 

  • Mugwort + Amethyst The herb of the moon Goddess Artemis + the crystal of intution connects us to the underworld and opens our third eye
  • Frankincese Brings us closer to the spiritual realms + helps you to find truth in your dreams
  • Lavender Promotes deep sleep + restful dreams


Mantra: "I dream so that I may live awake."


Uses: Spritz your sheets + pillows before bed to calm the mind. Mist yourself before practice or during savasana to open your intuitive powers. Spray yourself before bed with the intention to seek truth in your dreams, and write them in a dream journal upon waking


Ingredients: Distilled water, essential oil blend (lavender* + frankincense* + peppermint) mugwort flower essence* amethyst garnish.

*=certified organic ingredients


Size: 4oz


This product is featured in our Reboot Ritual Box + The Crystal Collection 

Moonbeam Dream / Amethyst Intuition Mist