An energizing blend to elevate your mood, increase feelings of joy + vitality, and enhance creativity. Boosts immuns sytem health + detoxification.


Key Ingredients: 


  • Calendula + Citrus Fruits Open the sacral + solar chakras to merge your creative energy with your willpower to make magic
  • Fir Needle Expand your conscioucness + connect to the creativity of mother earth. Loaded with Vitamin C.
  • St John's Wort - Natures best joy maker. Brings the energy of the sun into our soul.


Mantra: "My creativity fuels me. I Am Inspired."


Uses: Use all over as a hydrating body oil. Put a few droppers full in the bath. Use as a sensual masage oil. Use on your solar plexus during breathwork to energize the body + light you up from the inside out. 


Ingredients: Sunflower oil  (herbal-infused with calendula*+ calendula* + St. John's Wort*) essential oil blend (lemongrass* + fir needle* + sweet orange*), life everlasting* garnish.*=certified organic ingredients


Size: 4oz


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I Am Inspired / Botanical Body Oil