A soothing blend to soothe the nervous system, calm stress + anxiety and help you to still your mind to sleep. 


Key Ingredients: 

  • Lavender + Chamomile Calm anxiety and soothe your nervous system 
  • Vetiver The deep + grounding root brings you out of your head + into your body
  • Passionflower A sedative that allows for deep + restorative sleep


Mantra: "I am rooted in the present moment. I Am Here."


Uses: Use all over as a hydrating body oil. Put a few droppers full in the bath. Use as a sensual masage oil. Rub onto your feet for a grounding meditation. 


Ingredients: sunflower oil * (herbal-infused with lavender* + chamomile* + passionflower*) essential oil blend (lavender *+ chamomile * + vetiver *)  lavender* garnish.

*=certified organic ingredients


Size: 4oz

I Am Here / Botanical Body Oil