Be ready to create ceremony + Sacred Space wherever you go with this ritual pouch. Holy Smokes have been used in every tradition across the globe to call in the ancestors, send prayers to the heavens, cleanse a space and set intentions.


Ritual Pouch includes:


Sacred Space / Jade Protection Mist (mini 2oz) This smokeless smudge raises the vibration of you + your space. Perfect for healers, or anyone who is highly sensitive to the energies around them. Using a blend with the 3 Holy oils of Palo Santo + sage + cedar that have been used in smudging rituals across many traditions. Infused with Jade gemstones to transmute energy


Palo Santo Stick - Spanish for 'Holy Wood' this herb removes worry + creates a feeling of being home.


Sage Bundle - The ceremonial herb of the ancestors that alchemizes negatives energies + sends prayers to the heavens


Abalone shell (3inches) These shells have been used by Native Americans for decades as smudge bowls to hold the herbs while burning.


The Holy Smokes Ritual Pouch is found in our Reboot Ritual Box 

Holy Smokes / Ritual Pouch