Balance your skin + sip the nectar of the morning dew with this lush toner to hyrdate, soothe + balance your skin. The aroma is Divine like a fresh boouquet!


Key Ingredients:

  • Rose Hydrosol - The most softening + hydrating floral water with lots of vitamin C, and heart opening properties to give you a goddess glow.
  • Geranium- Balances oil production + brightens the complexion
  • Lavender- Soothing + calming to while refreshing the skin
  • Ylang Ylang - Super sensual aroma that opens the heart + softens the skin


Mantra: "Like a hummingbird I only allow the sweetest nectar"


Uses: Use morning + night after cleansing. Shake + spritz 5 pumps onto face + neck before applying Immortelle Elixir Serum. Mist throughout the day for an extra glow.


Ingredients: Rose Hydrosol*, Distilled Water, Essential Oil Blend Of (Lavender* + Geranium* + Ylan Ylang *)

*=Certified organic ingredients


Size: 4oz


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Dew Drops / Floral Facial Toner