Queen Of Hearts / Cacao Elixir

Article written by VASU Co-Founder Holly Turiya

I got lots of responses from my last blog post Eat Pretty / The Glowgetter Diet + everyone wants to know the recipe for my morning cacao elixir so here it is for you!

"When the hearts of the people close, cacao come from the jungles to open them" Mayan Proverb

Queen Of Hearts Elixir


1/2 cup Rose Tulsi tea 1/2 cup full fat oat milk 1Tbsp Navita blend goji + açaí + cacao 1/2 Tbsp Navita blend maca + reishi + ashwaganda 1/2 Tbsp coconut oil or cacao butter 4 drops herbal stevia to sweeten

4 drops mariposa lily flower essence Dash pink humiliation salt


*Pour a 1/2 cup of boiling water into a mug with a Rose Tulsi tea bag. Cover + let steep for 10 minutes.

* Pour 1/2 cup of full fat oat milk (or any nut milk) into a saucepan + put on medium heat.

* Add all the other ingredients + stir

* Stir + heat for about 3 minutes until all powders have dissolved

* Add milk mixture + strained Rose tea into the blender + blend for 30 seconds.

* Pour back into the cup you used for tea, since it's nice + warm.

* Garnish with a dash of pink sea salt, cacao powder + rose petals.

I start every single morning off with this ritual in meditation. These ingredients are curated specifically for heart opening + resilience. When we're firmly rooted into our bodies + our hearts are open, we'll always know the answer + which direction to go next.

Queen Of Hearts Morning Meditation

* Sit in a comfortable cross legged position with a straight spine.

* Burn some Holy Smokes to open Sacred Space within + around you

* Pour a few drops of I Am Love into your palms + rub together onto your heart space.

* Put on your favorite heart opening song (here's my Heart Strings Playlist) + take long, slow deep breaths with your hand on your heart, bringing the gratitude of your blessings into that space, anchoring them there to continue growing + blessing you.

* Slowly drink + savor the cacao elixir, and feel her grounding + heart opening medicine into your body. Hold the warm cup against your chest in between breaths, feeling the heat expand your chakra.

* Go into a heart opening yoga flow to continue the magic + embody the love energy. Check out our VASU University online classes for some potent practices for the morning.

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