Blooming In Beauty / 5 Tips For Spring Skin

Article written by VASU Co-Founder Holly Turiya

Spring is here + our skin is ready to glow! As we emerge out of hibernation + cleanse our spirit + bodies, our skin reflects back to us our inner wellness.

"Beauty is an inside job; what we feed our minds + our bodies, will determine our radiance."

Our skin is the last organ of our body to receive blood flow + nutrition, so if we want to be a #Glowgetter we must nourish ourselves from the inside out. Here are my top 5 seasonal skincare tips.

1) Be like a snake and shed your old skin

Having given tens of thousands of facials, I can tell you that exfoliation is the most forgotten about step in skincare rituals, and in my opinion, the most important. Our skin is an elimination organ, along with our lungs + digestive systems. If our pores are blocked with oil + dead skin cells, not only will we have congestion, but toxicity is building up inside our body because it can't escape our skin. Also, all the delicious oils + serums we use won't be able to penetrate our skin + feed it, if it's not able to absorb. Exfollation is the key to clear + radiant skin, and also a healthy immune system. 3 times a week is great for face + body exfoliation, especially in the spring, to shed our winter layers, and allow our body to detox + receive nutrition. Check out our new Seed Of Life Exfoliating Powder in our Ignite Ritual Box!

2) Eat Pretty

Like the canary in the coal mine, your skin is a direct reflection of the health of your internal systems, especially your digestive tract. As above, so below. True radiance comes from proper nutrition. Foods to include are healthy fats like avocado + sunflower seeds, antioxidant rich superfood powder such as cacao + goji berry, nervous system herbs such as Reishi + ashwaganda, and lots of warm lemon water all days long. Foods to avoid are high glycemic foods such as sugar + processed carbs, coffee, alcohol and dead, packaged foods. This season is a great time to do a 3 day water fast, or a 21 day cleanse to detox your liver from stored up toxicity from the winter. Learn more about how to eat pretty in my upcoming masterclass webinar GlowGetter / Rituals For Radiance.

3) Play With May Flowers

Mother Nature is blooming all around us, singing + celebrating through her healing flowers. A beautiful way to enjoy her bounty is with a floral facial steam. Gather your favorite buds such as magnolia, dandelion, rosemary, and tulip, and place in a bowl of steaming water. Add a few drops of aromatherapy oil such as our organic I Am Blooming Botanical Oil, and lean over the herbal remedy with a towel tent to cover your head in the steam for 5-10 minutes. Turn this into a beautiful breathing meditation. The oils + energy from the flowers will absorb into your pores + lungs to cleanse both your skin + breathing.

4) Breathe Into Beauty

As I mentioned above, your skin is the last organ to receive nutrition + also oxygen. It's made of thousands of tiny capillaries that nourish it, so we have to get the blood flow to the surface so it can heal us + remove waste. The best way to do this is with breathwork + movement (ideally outside!) Our lymphatic system, which is our white blood cells + immune response, doesn't have a heart to pump it, and is mobilized entirely by our lungs + muscles. So we must breath deeply + often to get the flow moving, especially to our skin! We start our morning off everyday with meditation, breath work + yoga before doing anything else. The secret to glowing right under your nose! Check out our VASU University online membership platform for access to our library of breathing + yoga videos.

5) Enjoy Rose : The Queen Of Flowers

If I had one dessert island item, it would be Rose. For spiritual + emotional + ritual purposes, and of course for glowing skin. She's my favorite flower! Nourishing with collagen producing vitamin C, brightening + softening, balancing + protecting, and probably the best aroma on earth. She's great for spring skin to reduce redness + inflammation from a long winter indoors. She's the star of the show in every one of my new organic skincare line including the Dew Drops Floral Toner, Immortelle Elixir Serum, and Glow Ritual Box.

So, as we finally emerge from our cocoons, reclaim your radiance with these seasonal spring tips, which will not only boost your glow, but will also make you feel incredible from the inside out.

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