10 Tips For A Beautiful Home Practice

Updated: Apr 24

My hope is that this insight inspires a gentle + sacred transition into a home practice. Join me on 5/2 for a live webinar class to do dive deeper into this practice, and a chance to ask questions.

1. No Shame In The Prop Game. Set yourself up for a successful practice that honors your body's needs. Having the props to both support + deepen your practice are key. We suggest 2 blocks, a bolster, a few blankets, and some eye pillows. Cork is our personal fave-it's eco-friendly, non-toxic + naturally anti-microbial. Anyone who's practiced at VASU knows that we love the comfy-cozy vibes, so we opt for velvety Nap Blankets. Eye pillows are great to block light for Savasana, as well as weighted support + grounding for restorative poses. 

2. Find Your Sanctuary. By now, you've probably picked a spot to roll out your mat + flow. Was that spot chosen with intention? This climate has really allowed us to have pattern disruption + think of things differently. I invite you to take a few grounding breaths, and walk through your space (all of it)- with new eyes. Perhaps you land in a new corner that feels more like home.

3. Bring An Offering.  Now that you're set up, I invite you to bring something in your space, with intention. Perhaps it's fresh flowers every week to keep it beautiful + fresh, or your favorite candle to ignite your soul. It could be a photo of a teacher or mentor, in reverence; a journal to jot down thoughts that come up for you during the flow, or crystals that protect or heighten the vibration of your space. Slowly, these offerings become your altar + turn your home practice into a ritual.

4. Utilize Your Senses.  Combining aromatherapy with your breath serves as an anchor into the present moment. Each VASU ritual has been made with intention + has a mantra. We suggest getting the Signature Oils + Sprays-then you can chose which one to utilize in your flow based on how you feel + what you want to pull from your practice that day.

5. Disconnect To Reconnect. Pause before you play. Turn your phone on airplane mode + show up to 'class' 5 minutes early. This gives you time to take some grounding breaths, energetically settle into your space, quiet the mind, and unplug from technology. Link VASU University up to your TV for optimal sound + viewing and choose the curated VASU Spotify playlist for the selected class.

6. Distractions Are Your Teacher. A barking dog, an inpatient toddler, the mailman, the refrigerator calling....there will be distractions. Every time. Let these be an invitation to anchor yourself back into your body. This IS the yoga. Smile, take a grounding breath, remember such is life- and flow on.

7. The Practice Is The Goal. The beautiful part of a home practice, is YOU decide. Simply by embarking on (or deepening) a home practice- you've already made the act of rolling out your mat regularly the goal. You decide if you want a hip or shoulder focus that day, a mini sequence, or a long juicy flow. Longer savasana? You got it! Know that simply showing up is enough.

8. Come As You Are. Your inner dialogue, the way you speak to yourself on your mat- is the way you speak to everybody else. Being in your own space, with your own triggers- may bring up self-judgment. I invite you to let this be a judgement-free practice. Sometimes it's messy, sometimes it's absolutely lovely- both are valid. Invite all parts of yourself to your sacred space.

9. Let It Be Easy. While it may seem like more obstacles have popped up at home...remember the other ones that have been released. No commute to the studio, showing up to a full class, or unpredictable traffic. Let this be easy. Consistency is key here...what would it be like to set an intention to sit on your mat every day, and let the practice guide you? The way you practice is the way you live.

10. Remember Your WHY. I'll often say in class "it's not how we practice, it's why." It's everything. What's your why? Don't overthink it .Know that your why will likely change throughout the seasons of your life- but come back to it every single time + breathe it into every posture.

Deep Bow In Love,

Natalie Adele