VASU Massage Therapist



Starting $43 per treatment

Paid as a subcontractor. We provide all supplies, sheets and laundering.

After 90 days:

Spa Staff Membership Monthly 1.5hr signature spa service + unlimited yoga + 20% off all purchases (services, retail, classes, workshops, gift cards etc)

Plus One Membership For a friend or family member, receives 20% off purchases


We start with 1 shift + increase after 90 days

Monday / 9am-2:15pm

Tuesday / 2pm-9:15pm

Wednesday / 2pm-9:15pm

Friday / 2pm-9:15pm

Sunday / 9:30am-5pm



A minimum of 2 years hands-on working experience is required



As a massage therapist on our team you're not only a bodyworker. You are a self care coach, sharing your wellness tips + holding your clients accountable to their self care, educating them on the benefits of receiving regular bodywork. 


Service Providing top quality massage treatments that align with client goals by listening to their needs. The ability to provide a swedish massage treatment that differs greatly from a deep tissue treatment, using a wide variety of techniques


Retention + Relationship Skills Our service goes beyond the treatment. Being able to connect deeply with the client to build a lasting relationship, offer rebooking suggestions, and provide at home care with wellness tips on how to continue healing is a must.


Team Player Offering to pick up shifts for your spa team members + visa versa for time off and self care days. 



A team player who’s looking to support the growth of our brand by providing knowledge of our offerings to our guests.. As noted by our pillars above, we’re looking for someone who has self-care at the center of their values. Communication skills are very important to us, as it’s how we learn and grow together. Curiosity for continual learning, and a desire to create and build our community. It’s important to us that our staff brings wood to the fire with their enthusiasm, and positive energy. Please write ‘bringing wood”’ in the email subject line when you apply. Clients come through the ability to connect with a guest and share your knowledge of our offerings that would best support their self-care journey. We expect our team to be fully engaged and present while at work to provide the highest experience in studio. 


Step 1:  In your application email, please send us a video with your answers to the following questions to


  1. What is your current weekly work schedule, and how many additional hours a week are you looking to work? From the shifts above which ones would you available for?

  2. What are you looking for in another job and what are your goals with working with VASU?

  3. Why do you want to join the VASU team, and what can you bring to it?

  4. Why are you passionate about massage therapy?


Step 2: In your application email, please attach your resume with two professional references included, your liability insurance and CT license.


Thank you for applying! We can’t wait to connect with you.